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Gutter Installation

We use only the best materials that withstand storm, heat, and weathering.
Having your gutters properly installed is of utmost importance. You want your gutters to be high-quality, long-lasting, and safe for your home or business facility.

At Guardian Rain Gutters, we favor all top of the line materials. For Seamless Gutters it’s crucial to know which materials are right for you before installation. Our gutter professionals can help you with all the options.
Most popular rain gutter materials:

Aluminum is the most popular choice for gutters, as it is lightweight, flexible and durable. This material can also be painted any color to match current trim and fascia boards.

Copper seamless gutters are the longest lasting gutter material available. While it may cost more that steel or aluminum, it’s longevity and natural beauty are big selling points.

Galvanized Steel gutters are by far the sturdiest of the common materials available, and there is a weight consideration that must be taken into account when preparing surfaces for applications.

“Seamless” Gutters are built to fit your exact building.

Instead of connecting numerous pieces of gutter together– leaving seams that join the whole gutter in place– the whole gutter system acts as one complete unit. Seamless rain gutters can come in different materials, sizes, shapes, and colors.

All of these three materials are customizable. Our gutter contractors are skilled in current fabrication and application practices.

Gutter Cleanings & Repairs

Proper cleaning & maintenance is the key to getting the longest and safest use out of your rain gutters.

You might think that because you live in southern California, fixing your rain gutters as soon as something goes wrong is not an important matter. However: damaged, loose, or old gutters can actually be dangerous to your home and family.

Perhaps cleaning your gutters isn’t a residential or commercial priority to you because fortunately, we don’t experience as much rain in this region compared to wetter climates.

Think again!

At Guardian Rain Gutters, we are passionate about regular upkeep of your gutter systems, so you don’t have to worry about the dangers or damages that come from neglect. We are quick to check, resolve, and fix issues as soon as they appear.

Common gutter repairs to keep in mind:

Sometimes downspouts can become rusted, jagged, cracked, or broken. If a downspout needs repair, it’s likely that your rainwater can deposit into areas of your yard, building, or home. Over time, this can cause major issues such as mold, flooding, or even damaged fascia boards. 

Getting a downspout cleaned and repaired can save you much time, anxiety, and property damage. Make sure you get your downspouts checked annually at the very least.

Clogged gutter systems prevent the proper flow of rainwater from clearing through your gutters. Plant matter, dirt, debris, and rocks can build up, causing blockages in your rain gutters. You need to get your gutters not only repaired, but cleaned regularly (especially if you live in rainy areas!). 

Over time and regular wear and tear, sometimes rain gutters can become loose or detach from the building. If left unresolved, loose gutters can become a safety hazard. Detached or broken pieces of the gutter system can cause leaks, flooding, and damage to the foundation or landscaping of your home.

Cracks, holes, and weathered harm within the gutters can cause messy and costly inconveniences. Storms, hot sun, and time can wear out certain gutter materials. This can cause leaks, falling debris, or annoying sounds to come from your gutter system. Proper cleaning and repair is crucial to avoid small damages from turning into bigger issues.


We offer the largest variety of gutter services in Orange County, CA. Contact us with any questions, concerns, or requests, and we’ll be in touch with you soon!

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